What is Arts And Craft Furniture?

The popularity of Arts and Crafts furniture is part and parcel to the original rise and repeated resurgence of the Arts and Crafts Movement in American housing, design, and architecture. As with al
l things concerning the Arts and Crafts style, the purpose is returning simplicity, beauty, quality, and functionality to our homes and lifestyles.

Popular furniture styles of the early and mid-19th century, prior to the Arts and Crafts Movement, tended to be elaborate in design with a Victorian flair. Many of these overly decorative pieces were poorly made
and did not withstand long-term use.

Industrialized design and manufacturing had resulted in mass-produced furniture made with cheap ornamentation that, though affordable, was viewed by many as inferior in quality and lacking in aesthetics.

Arts and Crafts furniture, in both England and America, stood in direct contrast to the popularity of industrialized, cheaply ornamental Victorian furniture styles. The answer of the Arts and Crafts Movement to cheap, ugly, mass-produced furniture was simplicity, durability and beauty of craftsmanship.

At Floridacustomfurniture.com we strive to build our Arts And Crafts Furniture true to the craft. We hand build each piece from Red Oak or White Oak boards. We hand pick each board in order to have grain patterns look appealing to the eye. We use authentic joinery, there are no nails or screws used in our reproductions unless they were in th original piece.(Which is rare) Most of the drawers are dovetailed for beauty and for strength.

Arts and Crafts style furniture originally spread across America during the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Beautifully functional Arts and Crafts style homes were being constructed by builders and craftsmen using simple, aesthetic designs and durable raw materials. Artisans and craftsman furniture makers followed suit with furniture designs of the same philosophy and style.  We make every effort to stay tue to the style in every piece of furniture we hand build.

Our Arts and Crafts furniture pieces are made by hand one piece at a time. They are often  heavy and of substantial size. They are solid, functional pieces designed to stand up to years of active use. They  feature straight, simple design lines. They are constructed of North American hardwoods. In general, Arts and Crafts style furniture is simple, functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Order a piece from us and we will take great effort to exceed your expectations. Ed has been custom building furniture for 20 + years and is a true craftsman!