Furniture Styles Explained

At Florida Custom Furniture Makers we build primarily three styles of furniture. All three are unique and very popular styles. All of the styles below are from a day when furniture was hand made by a craftsman instead of a mass produced piece from a factory overseas. The furniture in our collection is made true to the style with the care and attention to detail lacking in today’s mass produced pieces. To learn more about each of the styles and a little history on them click the links below.

Arts and Craft Style Furniture

Mission Style Furniture

Shaker Style Furniture

All three styles have inspired me over the years . I truly enjoy making custom furniture, it is a joy to build a custom piece from raw boards and watch it turn in to a piece that will be enjoyed for years and passed from one generation to the next.

The thrill of hand making furniture is something that I enjoy and thank the Lord for every day of my life. I have been blessed with the skill to build furniture and take that very seriously, my only wish is that I would have started in my 20’s and not in my early 40’s. There is nothing more invigorating  than the smell of sawdust !

I hope you find the explanations of the furniture styles as fascinating as I do as each of them is uniquely different yet all have something in common. All three types are a throwback to a simpler time when things were slower and furniture was hand made by true craftsmen. I hope you find a style that you love and hope you will allow me to hand make a piece for you.